IT professionals are in high demand. Our Bachelor of Arts in Information Technology is designed to prepare individuals to pursue business and management careers in information technology. The curriculum provides educational and practical hands-on experience for individuals to break-in or improves their skills in the rapidly changing information technology areas of business. The Christian value system and perspective—particularly as it relates to the modern business environment and information systems—will be integrated throughout the academic program.


  • We offer a balance between the technical programming knowledge and the personal and professional skills needed to be a successful member of a team.
  • Graduates learn design, architecture and implementation in Information Technology.
  • Current business trends are explored and taught, preparing students for today's business challenges.
  • Graduates are equipped to become leaders within their work groups and organizations.
  • Learn skills that will help you to meet the demands of today's fast-paced business development practices.
  • Students are encouraged to take a holistic view of a business' problems and are equipped to propose multiple solutions to information technology problems.